Tuesday, August 31, 2010

tough tough tough

salute to all women who been through pregnancy. its not easy.

loss of appetite

i face this every waking second for the past few weeks. its just terrible. so miserable that one night i just started crying. but i think of how everyone else can go through this and i grit my teeth and plod on.

i just want to stay home every day now but life must go on. i need to work. i have family committments. church committments. etc etc etc. only thing i can stop is to meet my friends. can meet la. only if vin is around and its those very short meetings.

support from vin is so impt. for those ladies without support from their hubbies, gosh its confirm million times worse. even though theres nothing vin can do for me but eat the remaining 70% of my meals everyday, hugging me, patting me on my back, etc... even making ginger tea for me last night, thats so much so much already...

now i know why so many ladies tell me they hate pregnancy. it is so not easy. but for baby goh, i hang on! hopefully in 4 weeks all the discomfort will go away!!!!!